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List Description
1182.dandrite [no description available]
2016.psykologi [no description available]
2017.psykologi [no description available]
2018.psykolog [no description available]
2019.psykologi [no description available]
2fotonlab.cfin [no description available]
aarhus.guest.alle.bios Bios Aarhus - alle gæster
aarhus.stud.alle.bios Bios Aarhus - alle studerende
abdomen-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
accphys.phys Mailing liste til fysik kurset i Moderne acceleratorers fysik og anvendelse
adm.dandrite The administration at DANDRITE
adm.inano iNANO administration
admtap.inano iNANO administration, TAP
afm.inano iNANO: AFM personale
aftagerpanel.auhe [no description available]
akademiskraad.arts [no description available]
akademiskraad.bss [no description available] [no description available]
akademiskraad.scitech [no description available]
aktive.filmklub Filmklub: Aktive i Århus Studenternes Filmklub
akvatisk.guest.bios Akvatisk Biologi - gæster
akvatisk.stud.bios Akvatisk Biologi - studerende
alexandra.alexandra Alexandra e-mail contact
algocomp.madalgo Algorithm competitions
all.inano iNANO: Alle tilknyttet iNANO på AU
all.palcom.cs Palpable Computing - all participants
alle.cs Computer Science: All Employees
alle.filmklub Filmklub: Alle i Århus Studenternes Filmklub Institut for Statskundskab: BA og kandidat studerende ved Statskundskab
allxray.mbg Bioxray announcements for Crystallographers
alumni.dandrite Alumni from DANDRITE (both staff and students) [no description available]
analytical.chem Common mailling list for all the analytical groups
android.alexandra [no description available]
announcement.nordes Nordic Design Research: News and Announcements NordiCHI: Conference announcements
ansatte.inano iNANO: Ansatte ved iNANO
anthusia [no description available]
anthusia.advisoryboard [no description available] [no description available]
anthusia.supervisors [no description available]
APRJA [no description available]
aps-bestyrelsen.partisia [no description available]
arbejdssociologi.cesau CESAU: Arbejdssociologi
arc-inhouse [no description available]
arcticpoliticalscienceandlaw.cas [no description available]
artsphdnetwork [no description available]
ast-all.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Alle mail-brugere ved Astronomi på IFA
atlassian-tool-users.alexandra Atlassian tool users Maillist for the Interdisciplinary Network on Atmospheric Aerosols
au-adm.madalgo MADALGO: Administrators at MADALGO
au-all.madalgo [no description available]
au_dg_managers_erfa.cs Computer Science: AU DG-Center Managers ERFA Network
Aul.time.herning.bss Timeansatte på AU library Herning
aura.cas Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene, AURA [no description available] Institut for Statskundskab: Mailadresser paa BA studerende ved Statskundskab [no description available] [no description available]
bartholin.aul.time.bss School of Business and Social Sciences: Timeansatte paa AU library Bartholin Alle [no description available] [no description available] [no description available]
bestyrelse.alexandra Alexandra board of directors
bestyrelse.dmf.math Bestyrelsen for Dansk Matematisk Forening
bestyrelse.tug DK-TUG: Danish TeX Users Group, the Board
bestyrelsen.filmklub Filmklub: Bestyrelsen for Århus Studenternes Filmklub
bfu.bios Mailingliste for Biologisk Fagudvalgs bestyrelse
bio-afm.inano [no description available]
bioformidling.bios Bioformidling
biogeo.bios BioGeo Mailliste
biomodelling.chem Department of Chemistry: Biomodelling Group
bionmr.chem Department of Chemistry: Laboratory for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
biophys.chem [no description available]
board.aupa [no description available] Board of the PhD association at the Faculty of Science and Technology
bojergruppe.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Bojergruppe
bplab.mbg Group mail-list for BP lab
bss_test [no description available]
building.birc [no description available] [no description available]
casa.cs [no description available]
cat-c.inano [no description available]
cavelab.eng [no description available]
ceh.core.arts [no description available]
ceh.list.arts [no description available]
cem.bios Center for Elektromikrobiologi
Centermail.ncrr [no description available]
cerpe [no description available]
cesu-pkl PKL maillisten
cesu-pkl-forskning [no description available]
cesu-uko UKO maillisten
cfin CFIN email list - news and events
cfinandmib.administration.lille CFIN and MIB administration
cfinandmib.administration.stor CFIN and MIB administration and technical staff
cfinandmib.employees CFIN and MIB employees
cfinandmib.fundraising Fundraising
cfinandmib.groupleaders CFIN and MIB research group leaders + Admin.
cfinandmib.irb.committee CFIN and MIB IRB Committée
chaos.geo [no description available] [no description available]
Chem.eng Department of Engineering: chem.eng
ckmu.psy [no description available]
class2.dandrite For users of Class2
cleanroom-all.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Alle med tilknytning til renrummet ved IFA
clh-list Cuneiform Literary History
cmact.cs [no description available] [no description available] [no description available]
COMIQ Marie Curie Initial Training Network: Cold Molecular Ions at the Quantum Limit
comiq.all COMIQ members
comiq.fellows Fellows of COMIQ
comm-extro.dandrite Internal communication & people loosely affiliated DANDRITE groups
comm.dandrite Internal communication at DANDRITE
conamore-phd.psy Department of Psychology: PhD at ConAmore
conamore.psy Department of Psychology: Center on Autobiographical Memory Research - CON AMORE
concordium.cs Department of Computer Science - Concordium Blockchain Research Centre Aarhus
concurrentholidays.phys [no description available]
consys.phys [no description available]
courseadmin.cs Computer Science: Courseadmin
cpnbook.cs [no description available]
cqom-efin.phys [no description available]
cqom-phd.phys [no description available]
cqom-pi.phys [no description available]
creates_seminars.econ Economics and Management: Creates ugebrev
crklab.mbg NFIT: Gruppe-mail-liste for gruppen ledet af Charlotte Rohde Knudsen
crypto-local.cs [no description available]
crypto.cs Computer Science: daimi-krypto
cscaa-de.phys [no description available]
cscaa-il.phys [no description available]
cscaa-pi.phys [no description available]
csgb-preprints.math Department of Mathematical Sciences: CSGB preprints
csis-platinum.alexandra [no description available]
cur.aarhus2013.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
cur.alle-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
cur.dim2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
cur.emdrup2013.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
daaser.bios For ladies in FredagsbarenTM
dabai.steering DABAI steering committee
dam_postdoc Post.doc's i det almenmedicinske miljø
dan-nicad2 Dan-Nicad 2 [no description available]
datcafe-alle.cs Computer Science: Fredagscafeen
datcafe-announce.cs Computer Science: Fredagscafeen - Annonceringer
datcafe-best.cs Computer Science: Bestyrelsen i Fredagscafeen
datcafe-event.cs Computer Science: Fredagscafeen - Eventudvalg
datcafe-fest.cs Computer Science: Fredagscafeen - Festudvalg
datcafe-vandvognen.cs En mailingliste for alle barvagt ansvarlige i Fredagscaféen
db.cs Database Group Department of Computer Science
deathquake [no description available]
degnlab.biomed [no description available]
denhamlab.dandrite [no description available]
diapplo.alexandra Diapplo project
digit-center.eng [no description available]
digital.initiative.arts [no description available]
digitalaestheticsresearchcenter.dac [no description available]
dintprog.cs [no description available]
dlrc-admin [no description available]
dlrc-all [no description available]
dlrc-comms [no description available]
dlrc-qtc [no description available]
dlrc-ric [no description available]
dmf.math Department of Mathematical Sciences: Dansk Matematisk Forening
dnc [no description available] [no description available]
dsau.cs Datalogisk Studenterforening
DSR.ASE De Studerendes Råd på ASE
dtict13 [no description available]
economy.balthealth.bios List of people involved with the economics of the balthealth project
ecora.cas ECORA
eddi.auit [no description available]
edge.all [no description available] [no description available] [no description available]
ekstern.inano iNANO: Samarbejdspartnere fra industri og akademia
ekstlektor.psy [no description available]
elo.mbg Esben Lorentzen group mailing list
embodied_computation_group [no description available] [no description available]
epcot.cas [no description available]
esa-lab.inano iNANO Esa-Lab
euler.math Eulers Venners Bestyrelse
exoplanet.phys [no description available]
expat.partnere.ias [no description available]
extern.liste.psy Department of Psychology: Psykologisk Institut
familie-samfund-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
fasttap.cs Computer Science: Technical and Administrative staff.
fastvip.cs Computer Science: Scientific staff
femtolab.chem Department of Chemistry: Mailing list for all members of Femtolab
fest.eng FestUdvalgeT (FUT)
festival.aglance [no description available]
ffb.phys Fysisk Fredagsbar
ffs.math Department of Mathematical Sciences: Postliste til annoncering af aktiviteter i foredragsraekken 'Foredrag for studerende'
foedevarer_forbrug.cesau CESAU: Fødevarer og forbrug
former-fellows.aias [no description available]
forsk-udv.cs forsk-udv @ CS [no description available]
forskning-blodsygdomme [no description available]
fou.alexandra Alexandra FoU Task Force
fredagsbaren.bios FredagsbarenTM, fredagsbaren på biologi
fredagsforedrag.phys Fredagsforedragsudvalget på IFA
fresco.alexandra FRESCO open source project
fsv.2semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
fsv.4semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
fsv.6semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
fsv.8semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
fu.ase Intern liste for forretningsudvalget ved De Studerendes Råd ved Ingeniørerne
fysikshow.phys [no description available]
fysikshow_all.phys [no description available]
fysikshow_int.phys Fysik Show
genoek.guest.bios Genetik, �kologi og Evolution - g�ster
genoek.stud.bios Genetik, �kologi og Evolution - studerende
Geo-stud Geo studerende alle
geo-studbachelor Geo-bachelorstuderende alle
geo-studkandidat Geo-kandidatstuderende alle
geo-studtek Teknisk geologi studerende
gl.dandrite All Group leaders at DANDRITE
gothelf-phd.inano [no description available]
gr103.chem [no description available]
gr106.chem Department of Chemistry: Group 106
gr107.inano [no description available]
gr109.chem Asymmetric Organocatalysis
gralab.mbg NFIT: Gruppe-mail-liste for gruppen ledet af Gregers Rom Andersen
grkb.chem [no description available]
guest.cs [no description available] [no description available]
hang-arounds.dandrite People loosely affiliated DANDRITE groups
harmo13.harmo Harmonisation - Mailing address for the international conference HARMO13
harmo14.harmo Harmonisation - Mailing address for the international conference HARMO14
harmo15.harmo Harmonisation - Mailing address for the international conference HARMO15
harmo16.harmo Harmonisation - Mailing address for the international conference HARMO16
harmo17.harmo Harmonisation - Mailing address for the international conference HARMO17
harmo18.harmo Harmonisation - Mailing address for the international conference HARMO18
harmo19.harmo Harmonisation - Mailing address for the international conference HARMO19
harmonisation.harmo Harmonisation conferences - List for internal communication within steering committee
harrys.eng [no description available]
hbgroup.inano Research Group of Henrik Birkedal
hci.cs [no description available]
he-cur.aarhus-E2014 Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
he-cur.alle-E2014 Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
he-cur.emdrup-E2014 Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
he-odont-kt.1semester-e2015 Health - Distributionliste fot Klinisk Tandtekniker
he-odont-tp.modul1-e2015 Health - Distributionliste fot Tandplejer
he-odont.10semester-f2016 Health - distributionsliste for odont studieadministrationen
he-odont.1semester-e2015 [no description available]
he-odont.2semester-f2016 Health - distributionsliste for odont studieadministrationen
he-odont.3semester-e2015 Health - Distributionliste for Odont studerende 3. semester
he-odont.4semester-f2016 Health - distributionsliste for odont studieadministrationen
he-odont.5semester-e2015 Health - Distributionliste for Odont studerende 5. semester
he-odont.6semester-f2016 Health - distributionsliste for odont studieadministrationen
he-odont.7semester-e2015 Health - Distributionliste for Odont studerende 7. semester
he-odont.8semester-f2016 Health - distributionsliste for odont studieadministrationen
he-odont.9semester-e2015 Health - Distributionliste for Odont studerende 9. semester
health.331111u021-f2013 [no description available]
health.alexandra Alexandra employees in Health IT
herningaul [no description available]
hopper1.cs [no description available]
hoved-neuro-psyk-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen HPC erfa-gruppe ved AU
hplab.mbg [no description available]
hubcap-all.eng [no description available]
hubcap-pb.eng [no description available]
hubcap-wp1.eng [no description available]
hubcap-wp2.eng [no description available]
hubcap-wp3.eng [no description available]
hubcap-wp4.eng [no description available]
hubcap-wp5.eng [no description available]
hubcap-wp6.eng [no description available]
hubcap-wp7.eng [no description available]
ida-board.phys IDA Board
ida-ec.phys [no description available]
ida-wg3.phys [no description available]
ida-wg5.phys [no description available]
ida-wg9.phys [no description available]
ida.eng [no description available]
ida.phys Instrument Center for Danish Astrophysics
idash2018.cs iDash 2018 competition
ifa-all.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Alle mail-brugere ved IFA
igor.geo IGOR email [no description available]
imf-overbygning.math Department of Mathematics: Studerende på overbygningen på MATH, AU
inanohouse.inano iNANO: House
inflammation-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Info.AIS Info fra Arabisk og islamstudier på AU
info.cs [no description available]
info.itcamp.cs [no description available]
information.alexandra Alexandra information
insor-local.cas [no description available]
insor.cas [no description available] [no description available]
institutledere-dk.cs [no description available]
instruktor.phys Besøgsservice Instruktor mailliste
interaction.alexandra Alexandra employees in Interaction
interactivespaces.cs [no description available]
internationals.cs [no description available]
into-cps-association This list is used for the members of the INTO-CPS Association
into-cps-association-board This list is used for the members of the board of the INTO-CPS Association
iontrap-admins.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: The Ion Trap Group admins
iontrap-group.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: The Ion Trap Group
iot4eu-admin [no description available]
iot4eu-all [no description available]
iot4eu-legal [no description available]
isr.phys IFA's studenterrepræsentation (ISR)
jc.dandrite Mailing list for Journal Club members - biweekly DANDRITE Journal Club
journalclubimmuno.biomed [no description available] Juridiske ph.d.-studerende ved danske universiteter samt bestyrelsesmedlemmer paa JurForsk
kageklub.cs Computer Science: kageklub [no description available]
kalkulerbar.math [no description available] [no description available] [no description available]
katrines.eng [no description available]
kbn-testliste [no description available]
kjaergaardlab.dandrite [no description available]
klassiskestudier-ansatte.cas Medarbejdere og ph.d.-studerende ved klassiske studier
kollegianerraadet Kollegianerraadet
kralab.mbg [no description available]
kt2semesterF2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
kt4semesterf2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
kultur_samfund.cesau CESAU: Kultur og Samfund
kulturelle-transformationer.dac [no description available]
kvitsianilab.dandrite Kvitsiani Group
lab.cs [no description available]
lab.dao.inano iNANO: Daniel Otzen Group
labtools.cs labtools - adminstration af udstyr og laboratorier på CS
Laerer.cs Undervisere på Institut for Datalogi
languageclub.cfin CFIN Language Journal Club [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available]
linfba2017 [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available]
linftilvalg2016 [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available]
listen.mfsr Mat/Fys Studenterråd
Ljennerlab.mbg Researchers at LJennerLab
logsem.cs A mailing list for the Logic and Semantics group at the Department of Computer Science
lokaleudvalg.cs Lokaleudvalget på Datalogi
lorentz-competitions Lorentz Worskhop on Competitions
lsp-ag08.ditcom [no description available]
lumen.epcot.cas [no description available]
lumen.medlemmer.cas [no description available]
lumen.morgenmoede.cas [no description available]
lumen.nyhedsbrev.cas [no description available]
mail.alexandra Alexandra secretariat [no description available]
makerspace.eng [no description available]
makro1-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
makro2-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
marketdesign.partisia [no description available]
matilde.dmf.math Redaktionen for Matilde (DMFs medlemsblad)
matlab.cfin Mailinglist for CFIN MATLAB users
mcnoererne.eng [no description available]
medicin-e2014.he Health � distributionsliste for studieadministration
medicin.01semester-F2015.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.02semester-F2015.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.1semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester.hold1-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester.hold2-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester.hold3-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester.hold4-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester.hold5-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester.hold6-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester.hold7-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester.hold8-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.1semester.hold9-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.2semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold1-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold10-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold11-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold12-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold13-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold14-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold15-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold16-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold17-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold18-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold2-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold3-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold4-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold5-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold6-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold7-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold8-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.2semester.hold9-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.3semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.3semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.4semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.4semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.5semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.5semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.6semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.6semester-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.7semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.9semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.Abdomen-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.akut-kronisk-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.Akut-kronisk-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.Familie-samfund-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
medicin.hlk-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.HLK-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.HNP-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
Medicin.Inflammation-F2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen [no description available]
medier_beg_oplevelse.cesau CESAU: Medier, begivenheder og oplevelseskultur
mediesociologi.cesau CESAU: Mediesociologi Ph.D.-foreningen ved Science and Technology
meeg.cfin M/EEG-users at CFIN
membrane.labs.mbg [no description available]
miau [no description available]
mib.employees [no description available]
mikro.guest.bios Mikrobiologi - g�ster
mikro.stud.bios Mikrobiologi - studerende
miljoesociologi.cesau CESAU: Miljoesociologi
moef.math MØF
moelmergruppe.phys Klaus Mølmers research group
molmed2012.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
molmed2013.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
mossb_isolde.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Mossbauer collaboration at ISOLDE/CERN
mpcl.chem Department of Chemistry: Email list of the Medicinal Polymer Chemistry Lab
msca-blockchain.cs msca-blockchain
mscstudent.birc [no description available]
nabavilab.dandrite [no description available]
nafanet [no description available]
nafanet.cas [no description available]
nalle.cs Internal mailing list
natlab.inano Nucleic Acid Technology laboratoriet
ncrr.postdocs.econ [no description available] [no description available] [no description available] [no description available]
NeAT NeAT mailing list
nenun-members-denmark [no description available]
nenun-members-finland [no description available]
nenun-members-iceland [no description available]
nenun-members-norway [no description available]
nenun-members-sweden [no description available]
neurocampusaarhus NeuroCampus Aarhus email list
neurocampusaarhus-gl [no description available]
ngimove [no description available]
ngiot-admin [no description available]
ngiot-all [no description available]
ngiot-legal [no description available]
ngiot-wp2.cavi [no description available]
ngiot-wp2.ditcom [no description available]
ngr.cas Netværk om genoprettende retfærdighed (NGR)
nordicembl.admin Maillingliste til Nordic-EMBL administration
nordicembl.directors.and.admin Maillingliste til Nordic-EMBL direktører og administration
npl.inano iNANO: NanoPharmaceutical Lab [no description available]
nyhed.cs Nyhed @ CS
nyhedsbrev.cesau CESAU: abonnenterne af Nyhedsbrevet
nyhedsbrev.filmklub Filmklub: Nyhedsbrev for medlemmer af Århus Studenternes Filmklub Ingeniørstuderendes Nyhedsbrev
odont.10semester-F14.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.10semester-F2015.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.1semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.2semester-F14.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.2semester-F2015.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.3semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.4semester-F14.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.4semester-F2015.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.5semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.6semester-F14.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.6semester-F2015.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.7semester-e2014 Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.8semester-F14.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.8semester-F2015.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.9semester-e2014 Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.kt.1semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
odont.kt.3semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
oekoinf.guest.bios Økoinformatik og Biodiversitet - gæster
oekoinf.stud.bios Økoinformatik og Biodiversitet - studerende
opensource.palcom.cs Palpable Computing - Discussions on Open Source Strategy
operatorer.filmklub Filmklub: Operatører i Århus Studenternes Filmklub
oplevelsesokonomi.dac [no description available]
org.chem Common email for Organic Chemistry
organicity-epb [no description available]
organicity-proposal [no description available]
osm OSM - Onkologisk Selskab for Medicinstuderende
othertap.dandrite Mailinglist to technical and administrative staff at DANDRITE
othervip.dandrite Mailinglist to other scientific personel at DANDRITE, such as lab managers, assistant profs., senior researchers
overture-lb.eng [no description available]
overture-users.eng [no description available]
overturetool-core.eng [no description available] [no description available]
paedagogisk_sociologi.cesau CESAU: Paedagogisk Sociologi
paludanlab.biomed [no description available]
partisia.partisia [no description available]
partnere.partisia [no description available]
Patologi.Kvalitativ-EpidBio-E2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
perslist [no description available]
phaust The maillist used by PHAUST to reach PhD students at ST
phd-a.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Ph.d.-studerende paa del A med eller uden kandidatgrad
phd-all.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Alle ph.d. studerende ved IFA
phd-alle.chem [no description available]
phd-b.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Ph.d.-studerende paa del B
phd-udvalg.cs Computer Science: PhD-udvalget
phd-udvalg.inano iNANOs phd-udvalg
phd.birc [no description available]
phd.cesau CESAU: PhD Students
phd.chem [no description available]
phd.cs Computer Science: Ph.D. students
phd.inano iNANOschool Ph.D.-studerende
phd.math Ph.d.-studerende ved Institut for Matematik
phd.mbg PhD Group MBG
phds.dandrite All PhD students at DANDRITE
philipsbornlab.dandrite [no description available]
philsci.css [no description available]
philscinetwork.css [no description available]
phjlab [no description available] [no description available]
pl-seminar.cs Computer Science: PL Seminar on Programming Languages and Software Technology
planitn.eng [no description available]
plato-wp125.phys [no description available]
pnlab.mbg NFIT: Gruppe-mail-liste for Nissen lab
politiskprotest.cesau [no description available]
postdoc-alle.chem [no description available]
Postdoc-udvalg.cs Postdoc Committee
postdoc.chem [no description available]
postdoc.cs Computer Science: Postdocs
postdoc.inano iNANO Postdoc
postdocs.dandrite All postdocs at DANDRITE
pr-udvalg.cs Computer Science: PR udvalget
procity.ditcom [no description available]
promemo.biomed [no description available]
proposaltohost.nordichi [no description available] [no description available]
pumpkin.mbg Grundforskningscentret PUMPkin
qcm-d.inano iNANO QCM
qcool.phys [no description available]
qmmg.phys [no description available]
quscope-members.phys [no description available]
qutech.phys [no description available]
regnecentralen.cs [no description available]
resaw.dac European research infrastructure for the study of archived web materials
research.interactivespaces [no description available]
researchcommittee.inano iNANO: Research Committee
Researchers.cobelab Cog. & Beh. Lab. Associated Researchers
researchmeetings.css Research meetings at CSS: Academic staff and MSc students
retsociologi.cesau CESAU: mailadresser på en forskergruppe. Mailadresser på abonnenterne af Retsvidenskabeligt Tidsskrift (Rettid)
revisorer.filmklub Filmklub: Revisorer i Århus Studenternes Filmklub
revy.eng [no description available]
rhlab.mbg NFIT: Gruppe-mail-liste for gruppen ledet af Rune Hartmann
robophilosophy.cas [no description available]
roedder.bios fyrene i FredagsbarenTM, biologisk fredagsbar
Rundviser.phys [no description available]
rus1.navitas.ase [no description available]
rusa.ase [no description available]
sac.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Stellar Astrophysics Centre
sacnews.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Stellar Astrophysics Center News
sacstaff [no description available]
sacstudents [no description available]
samarb-udv.cs Samarbejdsudvalg CS Studerendes Anæstesiologiske og Traumatologiske Selskab - Aarhus
science_technology.cesau CESAU: Science Technology
sciencestudies.css Announcements from Centre for Science Studies
scitechraadet.mfsr Fællesliste for medlemmer af SciTech-Tinget
score-comms.ditcom [no description available]
sdc.cfin SDC Neuro
security.alexandra Alexandra employees in Security
sekr.cs Computer Science: Administrative staff
sem-udv.cs [no description available]
SFK-01-F14.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
SFK-02-F14.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
sfk.1semester.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
sfk.3semester.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
shonan124 This list is used for the participants of the Shonan event number 124
sikudv.cs Computer Science: Safety Committee (Sikkerhedsudvalg)
smartcity-lab.alexandra Alexandra Smart City Lab
social.birc [no description available]
socialteori.cesau CESAU: Socialteori
sociologisk_videnskabsteori.cesau CESAU: Mailadresser på en forskergruppe. [no description available]
specialestuderende_foraar2018 [no description available]
spm-bio.inano iNANO: Ansatte ved iNANO som arbejder med bio-relateret forskning
spm-uhv.inano iNANO: Forskere ved iNANO der arbejder med spm under UHV-forhold
spp.cfin [no description available]
srmb.mbg Molekylærbiologi og Genetiks Studenterråd, MoGenS
staffclub.cs Members of CS Staff Club Discuss ethical, innovative methods for studying datafied society
steeringcommittee.nordichi [no description available]
stg.balthealth.bios The steering group of the Balthealth project
sthlab.mbg NFIT gruppe ledet af Søren Skou Thirup
stm-net.css Discussion and announcement list for the AU network of science, technology and medicine studies Mailing list for the Centre for STS-studies
stt SciTech-Tinget
stud-all.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Alle studerende og ph.d.-er ved IFA
stud-phys.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Alle studerende der er optaget på Fysikstudiet ved IFA
stud-publ-kand-e2014 Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
stud-publ-kand.3semester-e2014 Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
stud.publ-bach-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
stud.publ.3semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
stud.publ.5semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
stud2005.inano iNANO: Årgang 2005
stud2006.inano iNANO: Årgang 2006
stud2007.inano iNANO: Årgang 2007
stud2008.inano iNANO: Årgang 2008
stud2009.inano iNANO: Årgang 2009
stud2010.inano iNANO: Aargang 2010
stud2011.inano iNANO: Aargang 2011
stud2012.inano iNANO: Aargang 2012
stud2013.inano iNANO: Aargang 2013
stud2014.inano iNANO: Aargang 2014
stud2015.inano iNANO: Aargang 2015
stud2016.inano iNANO: Aargang 2016
stud2017.inano iNANO: Aargang 2017
stud2018.inano iNANO: Aargang 2018
stud2019.inano iNANO: Aargang 2019
stud_all.inano iNANO: Alle studerende
studentforum.sdc [no description available]
students.dandrite All students at DANDRITE, incl. Bachelors, masters, visiting students, ERASMUS students Institut for Idræt: Studerende
studtur.math [no description available]
SUPP-F14.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
surflab.chem Department of Chemistry: Mailing list for all members of SurfLab
sustain.alexandra Alexandra's green group
sygeplejevid.1semester-e2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
synchronicity-ag [no description available]
synchronicity-citycomms Communications with the SynchroniCity cities
synchronicity-commsteam [no description available]
synchronicity-mentors.ditcom [no description available]
synchronicity-pilots [no description available]
synchronicity-pilots-leads [no description available]
synchronicity.pilots.leads [no description available]
Systemkritik.CAS Systemkritik
tags.chem Department of Chemistry: Formidling af gruppe oplysninger
tap-all.chem [no description available]
tap-all.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: TAPer der er ansatte ved IFA
tap-fast.chem [no description available]
tap.cs Computer Science: Technical and administrative staff
tasc4.phys [no description available]
teachers.birc [no description available]
team-afr.dandrite All team leaders and AU affiliated researchers at DANDRITE
techs.dandrite All technicians at DANDRITE
test-b.bss BSS: test liste
test.agro [no description available]
Test.bss For testing Mailman
test.heit [no description available]
test.herning [no description available]
test2skyberg.bios [no description available] En lakonisk beskrivelse af Listen
testvivi_2016 [no description available]
testx.cs [no description available]
theochem.chem Department of Chemistry: Mailingliste for teoretisk kemi i Århus
thiele-forum.math Department of Mathematical Sciences: Thiele Forum
tkammer.math TÅGEKAMMERETs bestyrelse, som også kan nås via
tkm.chem Tutorforeningen Kemi og Molekylærbiologi
to-foton-lab-help.cfin [no description available]
totalchaos.geo [no description available]
tp11og12modulF2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
tp3og4modulF2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
tp7og8modulF2014.he Health - distributionsliste for studieadministrationen
tpbc.cs Department of Computer Science - TPBC Steering Committee
tpie-commits.madalgo MADALGO Commit and Trac messages for TPIE
tpie-devel.madalgo MADALGO Development and user discussion on TPIE
trustland.cas [no description available]
tutor.geo [no description available]
ubi.cs [no description available]
udviklere.alexandra Alexandra software developers
undervisere.birc [no description available]
unity.alexandra [no description available] [no description available]
urbnet-core.cas [no description available]
urbnet-news.cas [no description available]
urbnet.cas Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) [no description available]
users.cfin Hyades users CFIN
uveval.cs [no description available]
velfaerd_sundhed.cesau CESAU: Velfærd og Sundhed [no description available]
vinger-rks.bios Vingeundersøgelsen - indsendere
vip-all.chem [no description available]
vip-all.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Alle VIPer ved IFA
vip-efin.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: VIP'er ved IFA med ekstern financiering
vip-emeriti.phys [no description available]
vip-fast.chem [no description available]
vip-guest.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Korttidsansatte gæster ved IFA
vip-lab.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: VIP staff med laboratorier
vip-staff.phys Department of Physics and Astronomy: Fastansatte VIP'er ved IFA
vip-underviser.phys [no description available]
vip.birc [no description available]
vip.cs Computer Science: Scientific staff
vip.inano iNANO: VIP personale
vivi.bss [no description available]
vivi.bss.2016 [no description available]
webred.cs Webred @ CS
workshops.aarhus2015.cs [no description available]
wp1-editors.palcom.cs Palpable Computing - WP1 Palpability - editors
wp1.balthealth.bios People of workpackage 1
wp1.palcom.cs Palpable Computing - WP1: Palpability
wp2.balthealth.bios People of workpackage 2
wp3.balthealth.bios People of workpackage 3
wp4.balthealth.bios People of workpackage 4
wp5.balthealth.bios [no description available]
wp6.balthealth.bios People of workpackage 6
xxx.studorg [no description available]
yoneharalab.dandrite [no description available]
young.dandrite [no description available]
zoofys.guest.bios Zoofysiologi - gæster
zoofys.stud.bios Zoofysiologi - studerende

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