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Workshop, NordiCHI, Oslo, Norway, 29th of Sep 2018 - Call for participation: Inclusion through Design and Use of Digital Learning Environments: Issues, Methods and Stories
Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 from United Nations refers to the inclusion and quality of education. This implies providing equal access to all levels of education. The main focus has been until now on inclusion and accessibility through universal design with a focus on disabilities. We wish to explore the role of inclusion for human-computer interaction (HCI) with educational technology, i.e. equal access and rights to participate in design and use of digital learning environments, without necessarily having a strong focus on disabilities. We rather would like to invite to a workshop focusing on inclusion through design, for learners of all ages, in various situations.
Researchers and practitioners in HCI and EduTech are concerned with theories, methods, tools, design principles and empirical studies of user interfaces for supporting teaching and learning in a diverse range of settings, but inclusion has not been high on the agenda. Digital learning environments are tools employed primarily in educational institutions (from schools to higher education) for teaching and learning purposes, and outside education (e.g. workplaces, edutainment, e-commerce) to support non-routine tasks and complex problem solving with recommendations for action, reflection on alternatives, and in-depth tutorials.

NordiCHI Workshop - Call for participation

Workshop on "Inclusion through design and use of digital learning environments: Issues, methods and stories - full-day workshop at NordiCHI 2018, http://www.nordichi2018.org/

Time and place: Sep. 29, 2018, Department of Informatics, Johan Dahls hus, Oslo, Norway<http://www.uio.no/english/about/getting-around/areas/gaustad/ga06/>

Workshop theme and goal

The general themes are the role of inclusion in education through issues, methods and stories with findings from studies in design and/or use of digital learning environments reported by a diverse group of participants, presenting and discussing examples of failures and/or successes of inclusion in education.

Questions to be explored

The text of the submission should be between 1 and 3 pages, and should present a story. The story can have the form of a position paper, an essay, self-interview, be based on a student or teacher interview, or a free format preferred by the participant him/herself. It should include at least 2 (two) of the topics below listed as addressed issues:

(1) Universal design of user interfaces supporting learning in educational sector at different levels

(2) User interfaces supporting learning at all ages, in diverse learning situations

(3) Sustainability in design of interfaces supporting learning

(4) Customizable interfaces: allowing the end-users to modify interfaces in order to fit their needs

(5) New approaches to lowering the threshold and stimulating participation in design of educational technology by leveraging users knowledge of specific application domains (e.g. math, natural science, social science)

(6) Integrating generic skills practice (e.g. design, creativity, collaboration, communication) with domain specific skills practice in integrated digital learning environments

Intended audience and submissions

10-20 participants will be recruited for the workshop. We encourage submissions from HCI and its adjacent disciplines, e.g. educational and social sciences. We aim for a mix of researchers and practitioners interested in developing knowledge on designing inclusive educational platforms and systems. We welcome therefore junior and senior researchers and designers in HCI, but also practitioners, policymakers, and developers of educational platforms and systems. We strongly encourage the participation of students at all levels in this knowledge exchange forum.

Participants are encouraged to base their contributions on previous experiences of their own or others, where they reflect on those through a reflective/personal story. The submissions have a free format and should be submitted at latest on 10th of August, through the dedicated webpage<https://www.mn.uio.no/ifi/english/research/projects/udfeed/events/Workshops/index.html>.

The workshop organizers will distribute the submissions to an international program committee (PC) for a reviewing process. The selected participants will be divided by the organizers in suitable groups according to cross-disciplinary methods, depending on the themes of the stories submitted. Each of the groups should be between 3 and 5 participants. The participants in the same group will get to read the others stories prior the workshop.

Important deadlines

10th of August 2018 - Deadline for submissions

17th of August - Notification to workshop participants

29th of September - Workshop

(Follow the updates on the workshop's webpage<https://www.mn.uio.no/ifi/english/research/projects/udfeed/events/Workshops/index.html>.)


Organizer 1: PhD Candidate Diana Saplacan, Research group of Design of Information Systems, University of Oslo, Norway (diana.saplacan at ifi.uio.no<mailto:diana.saplacan at ifi.uio.no>)

Organizer 2: Prof. Anders Mørch, Department of Education (IPED), University of Oslo, Norway (anders.morch at iped.uio.no<mailto:anders.morch at iped.uio.no>)

Organizer 3: Assoc. Prof. Jo Herstad, Research group of Design of Information Systems, University of Oslo, Norway (jo.herstad at ifi.uio.no<mailto:jo.herstad at ifi.uio.no>)

Organizer 4: Researcher Anders Kluge, Department of Education (IPED), University of Oslo, Norway (anders.kluge at iped.uio.no<mailto:anders.kluge at iped.uio.no>)

Organizer 5: Assoc. Prof.  Zada Pajalic, Department of Nursing and Health Promotion, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway (zada.pajalic at oslomet.no<mailto:zada.pajalic at oslomet.no>)

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