[NordiCHI] The Futures of Computing and Wisdom (a NordiCHI’18 workshop)

Elina Eriksson elina at kth.se
Thu Jun 21 11:00:42 CEST 2018

The Futures of Computing and Wisdom
A Design Fiction workshop in conjunction with the NordiCHI'18<http://www.nordichi2018.org> conference, Oslo, Norway

There has been an increasing interest in discussing the consequences of the technologies we invent and study in HCI research, including non-technical dimension (societal, ethical, normative). This workshop will draw into perspective the contested futures of (computing) wisdom - and ask how do we move forward with responsibility. We invite participants to join us, as we cast forward to 2068 to imagine the future of wisdom, and to reflect on how we got there. Whether you ponder the effects of climate change, ethical computing, capitalist and neo-liberal models of commerce and society, grassroots movements, big data or alternative paradigms for distributed systems, you are invited to think through the consequences of present and future advances in computing.

You apply by submitting a fictional abstract of 250 words. For more information on the format and examples see: https://futuresnordichi.wordpress.com.

Please send your fictional abstract as a pdf document that also includes your contact information by email to pargman at kth.se<mailto:pargman at kth.se> AND elina at kth.se<mailto:elina at kth.se>. Deadline for submissions: August 10, 2018

Submissions will be reviewed based on quality, originality, and their potential contribution to achieving workshop goals. We expect to include 15-25 participants. The fictional abstracts will be shared prior to the workshop and topics raised by participants’ abstracts will form the starting point for engaged discussions at the workshop. Abstracts will be short and discussion will be lively!

At least one author of a fictional abstract is expected to attend the workshop.

With best regards,
Daniel Pargman, Elina Eriksson, Rob Comber, Ben Kirman and Oliver Bates

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