[NordiCHI] DEADLINE EXTENSION - ICEC 2015 Workshop on Playful Experiences and Game Concepts for Multi-Screen Environments

Jeroen Vanattenhoven Jeroen.Vanattenhoven at soc.kuleuven.be
Mon Jul 13 10:48:01 CEST 2015

Dear colleagues,

We hereby announce that we extend the deadline for this workshop to Friday, July 17th. Below you can find the call for papers for our ICEC 2015 Workshop on Playful Experiences and Game Concepts for Multi-Screen Environments. We welcome participation from industry and academia on topics related to Experiences for Television, Gaming and everything in between.

Best regards,

Jeroen Vanattenhoven & David Geerts, workshop organizers

Playful Experiences and Game Concepts for Multi-Screen Environments: http://soc.kuleuven.be/cuo/ICEC

at ICEC 2015 - IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing. http://icec2015.idi.ntnu.no/


NOTIFICATION: August 14th, 2015

WORKSHOP: September 29th, 2015

In this workshop at the ICEC 2015 Conference we will focus on how to design for playful experiences in multi-screen environments (smartphone, tablet, PC and TV), how existing gaming concepts can or cannot be transferred to the design of novel multi-screen formats, and how current insights in sociability, genres and attention can inspire new game concepts.

These insights should ultimately lead to novel concepts for multi-screen formats utilizing the opportunities offered by the recently increased functionality and interactivity. We will invite experts from industry and academia to discuss the latest research efforts and applications, analyze the current “gamified” media landscape, and formulate essential directions for future research..

This workshop is for academics and professionals who have experience in TV and gaming. It encourages interdisciplinary discussions and aims to include researchers and practitioners in the fields of content creation, interaction design, user interface design, game design, game and/or TV production etc.

Participants can choose between 3 types of submission. These are expected in the Springer LNCS format (http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-6-793341-0). These submissions do not have to be anonymized and should be sent in PDF format to jeroen.vanattenhoven at soc.kuleuven.be<mailto:jeroen.vanattenhoven at soc.kuleuven.be> and david.geerts at soc.kuleuven.be<mailto:david.geerts at soc.kuleuven.be>.

• You can submit a short research paper (4 to 6 pages). This paper should describe your latest research efforts around a single topic.
• You can write a short bio and their latest relevant activities in your company or university (1 to 2 pages).
• You can also submit a demo of an application matching our workshop (1 to 2 pages). The demo should be described in this paper. If the submission is accepted, the authors will show the demo in our workshop.

Jeroen Vanattenhoven and David Geerts (Centre for User Experience Research, iMinds - KU Leuven, Belgium)

Jeroen Vanattenhoven
Senior Researcher (UX)
Centre for User Experience Research (CUO) - KU Leuven, iMinds
Parkstraat 45 Bus 3605 - 3000 Leuven - Belgium
T. +32 16 32 30 34
F. +32 16 32 32 10

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